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My July News

July was a really hectic month for the fishmonger. I am sure those of you that are kind enough to make regular visits to these pages can well see from the lack of posts this month. My schedule was flipped into night dweller mode as I covered for one of my co-workers during his much needed vacation. The experience of going to the New Fulton Market every night was very enjoyable despite the hours. A big thank you to all my support staff, and vendors.

Commercial Fishing Troubles, Links

Yesterday National Public Radio aired a story highlighting the fuel cost problems that Northeast commercial fishermen are trying to cope with.Asian Tuna Boats are suspending activities for "a few" months in response to high fuel costs. This follows the same action by squid fishermen in Japan.This follows last months strikes in Europe, primarily by French and Spanish Boats.This article from Namibia, foretells of the possible crash of smaller fishing economies.