Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have had many questions about the differences between male an female lobsters. The following information is intended to clear up these questions and more. Most of the information here is from detailed conversations I have had with my purveyors, although I have tried to include links to relevant web sources as well. Here in New York we often run into an account or two that wants us to supply them with female lobsters. Some of the reasons given to us include: better yield (meat vs. shell), different flavor profile, and the inclusion of roe. In addition to these reasons I also believe that it may be a request similar to a rider that bands have asking for something obscure like a certain brand of organic cereal in order to judge our commitment to service. Regardless of the reason it is not always easy to supply these female lobsters. Some lobster houses will not even sell them knowing what a headache it is. And then there is the limited availability due to regulations designed to increase the natural stock. For a wealth of information check out The Secret Life of Lobsters.

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