Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If the time change, and the coming vernal equinox are not enough then perhaps the arrival of the poorbeagle shark, and shad roe will get you excited. The first of the season shad roe are coming out of the south now, mostly from Georgia and North Carolina. Every year I make it a point to have my obligatory serving of shad roe, although I must confess that it is not my favorite food. I certainly would welcome a recipe that wows me. I do like shad roe, but not as much as some people I have met. Some people clamor like children at an Ice cream parlor when they see it on the fish stand. I am sure that when fried up with ample amounts of bacon grease it is great, but so is day old bread.
Anyway, go get yourself some shad roe it is spring after all.


Anonymous said...

Where in the NY area is shad roe currently available?

Fishmonger said...

Shad Roe is available from Wild Edibles, retail stores are located in Grand Central 212-687-4255, and Murray Hill 212-213-8552.
Nothing is coming in vast amounts right now so availability needs to be confirmed, give them 24 hours notice and they should be able to help you out. Thank you for your comment.