Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sustainable Seafood Top Spring Picks

In no particular order, but with some leaning towards the northeast. All products should be consistently available fresh this spring and early summer.
  • barramundi, farm raised, United States
  • pollack, wild, mid-trawled, Atlantic and Pacific
  • wild salmon, wild, seine net and line caught.
  • catfish, farmed, United States
  • pacific halibut, wild, line caught, United States and Canada
  • mackerel, wild, net and line caught, Atlantic
  • oysters, all varieties farmed and wild
  • bay scallops, look for Taylor Bays and fresh Mexican bays
  • Squid, wild, Worldwide
  • clams and mussels, especially hand dug, or suspended, United States and Canada
  • crayfish, wild and farmed, United States
This list should provide any creative chef or home cook a season of recipes. Your comments and questions are welcome. I have provided links above to help answer some questions you may have. For more about sustainable seafood choices please visit one or more of these sites:


Mark Powell said...

Mostly I'm good with your list, except trap-caught lobster. What do you think about the entanglement of whales in lobster gear, especially critically endangered right whales? See blogfish for more:

Fishmonger said...

Thanks Mark, I appreciate your valuable comment concerning whale entanglement. I too share this concern, and in identifying sustainable choices I should have included this information. Since it was my intention to provide a clean list I have edited my post, and removed the lobsters.