Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Weather really beat down the landings this weekend, high winds spell no fish
Jumbo Soft shell prices are coming down, still no primes available
Live Crayfish are on a plane for tonight delivery, Razor Clams are in house, and Pike is coming from upstate
Mahi Mahi prices are dropping again as fish becomes abundant, The Black Cod is fresh and wild, and The Tasmanian Ocean Trout is coming tonight
We will have New Zealand Pink Snappers tomorrow, the fish should be sushi quality and 2-3lb size
West Coast and East Coast Halibut is available this week with mixed sizes up for grabs
Spanish and Boston Mackerel are available for tomorrow, both are looking fantastic
Fluke prices are jumping, as well as Wild Stripe Bass, the price should stabilize for the week on Bass but we don't see it coming down
Tuna and Swordfish are going up this week as quality fish become hard to find
Char is still an ongoing problem for this week, as large fish are spotty
Fluke and Sole and most other flatfish are going to be problematic going forward. They are cutting quotas. Expect very high prices into the summer

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