MJ's Market Report

We have a must read list today, its time to get excited about fish again!
Wild King Salmon are coming tonight from the Columbia river, we have only 8 Red Kings available and 2 Ivory Kings, the fish have been Large and Immaculate, get to us soon to lock in your fish
Scallops, fresh, with roe attached are in house and beautiful. They are u-12 size and very limited
Razor clams are coming tonight over the road from Maine
Crayfish are on their way from the West Coast
John Dory is in house and looking spectacular
Corvina is in, the fish are large and h&g and very inexpensive
The Black Cod is fresh and the fish average around 7lbs h&g
Live Dungeness are available, the Blackfish is still in rigor, and New Zealand Green Lip Mussels will be in for tommorrow
Price drops; Monkfish is way down, Lobster prices are dropping, Wild Stp Bass prices are falling, Tile Fish Plummeted, and Halibut is a STEAL!!! The Halibut is coming from the West Coast ane East and both fish are arriving pristine!
Rouget and Grouper are good bets and the Fluke is just plain Spectacular
Softshell Crabs will be a PROBLEM tommorrow, nothing showed up today in the market due to weather issues down south
Our Icelandic Day Boat Cod is coming tonight and the fishery is back on track. Domestic Cod is running only dragged stuff right now so our Day Boat will be the best of what 's around.
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