Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Get your orders in on Branzini and Dorade early. Due to trucking strikes in Greece we may be tight on these fish for the rest of the week. Sardines are from Portugal and our Thursday shipment is scheduled to arrive as usual.
From Costa Rica we will have Corvina (a great bass-like fish) and king clip (head-off 5-7lbs). King clip are an eel like fish that has a fine white flesh that is a cross between cod and grouper at a very attractive price.
Chilean Turbot is back, this cold water flat fish is a prize. In rigor and with candy gills, turbot is a favorite in French and other cuisines. The firm meat cooks snow white and is good stand alone or with your favorite sauce. We like brown butter, but who doesn't?
Wellfleet petites are in the house from Massachusetts. These are small jewels, coming in around 2" with well formed cups and the concentrated sweetness of the sea. If you are a not a fan of the Wellfleet petite you haven't tried one yet.
Also available: Sturgeon, Wild King and Coho Salmon, Escolar, Whitebait, Uni trays, and fresh Belize salad shrimp.
"Angling has this distinction of its own: The very poorest man can, if he chooses, become a fisherman."
-J.P. Wheeldon
Have a great day,

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