Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bill Fish - Marlin and Sword



This weeks fresh catch. (Istiophoridae) From pristine Pacific waters we have nice cuts of Marlin Loin. This wild fish is a rare treat. Similar in cut and form to swordfish loin, Marlin is a bit more delicate in taste and tenderness. Thin cuts are ideal for cooking a la plancha or in a similar style. Thicker steaks can stand up to the grill and even work well with bold seasonings like blackening or spicy tomato sauces.  Marlin is wonderful if slightly undercooked, but will hold up to longer cooking. Priced just below swordfish it is a great alternative and frankly is very successfully featured seafood special that delivers high margins and lower food cost.


Sword, very nice mid Atlantic Domestic fish. We just have a few cases of fresh and firm Swordfish.








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