Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicago Seafood Update



Chicago Seafood Update                     May 31, 2011





The Copper River Sockeye Salmon have reached epic catch levels, but with the holiday weekend we won’t be resupplied until mid-week. Prices then should be quite reasonable for fillet and whole fish.

Weather has put a damper on most other fisheries across the United States and Canada so selection has been limited. Stock items should be readily available, but special catches are scarce.

That being said we will have something new here in the form of Golden Tilefish, from Florida. Tilefish are found right at the continental shelf and are a deepwater predator with a voracious diet of small fish as well as crab, lobster and even squid. The filets will be large being cut from 5-10 lb fish should average 3-5 lbs each. Tilefish is similar to snapper and grouper and the beautiful skin is perfect to serve crispy.


Soft shelled crabs, dressed. This is the way to buy them! Why bother with all the hassle of live.  We will have all sizes of Handy, fresh dressed crabs. Go ahead give ‘em a try.

We still hope to see Wreckfish and Cobia by Thursday next week.



Fresh Shrimp:

Fresh shrimp are a treat many only get to experience close to the shore. Well over 90% of all shrimp are frozen and processed in some way. You owe it to yourself and your customers to try our delicious “Blue Foot” fresh cleaned 51/50 ct shrimp. Personally I like to eat these sweet creatures raw, but I guess you could cook it too.


Wild Pacific:

Rough weather between Anchorage and Seattle has delayed our Halibut this week. We will have new fish arriving but limited from other sources. Wild salmon is available in both king and sockeye varieties.

Scientist have predicted that 2011 may be a record year for the west coast wild salmon season, and so far it looks like they might be right. They are not saying the same thing about Halibut as it is decidedly very poor.


Wild Atlantic:

Northern ground fish catches are stable if not stellar. Very little change in this category.


Wild Southern:

Fishermen are complaining about a bad year in the gulf – a recent article just highlighted some troubles with Octopus and the now closed stoned crab fishery. And another group of traders face additional charges of mislabeled fish (just for the record pangasius is not grouper). Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Salmon Farmed:

Prices are down on farmed Canadian salmon this week, and there is hope that wild salmon prices may tend to drive these down even more as the season gets under way. Chilean Fillet is also available, and prices remain unchanged.


If you experienced any problems sourcing Scottish or Norwegian salmon you might think to give our premium Jail Island line of salmon a go. Sourced from the Bay of Fundy in Maritime Atlantic Canada these fish are superior. 

Jail Island fillet is a good buy with pricing just slightly higher than others.


Sword and Tuna:

More in over the weekend: the moon cycle favors strong landings next week.



Snow Crab is readily available in all sizes with pricing stable. If you have been waiting to buy now might be the time.


Lake Fish:

Fresh whitefish prices are down on smaller sizes. Catching has been a bit erratic, with oversupply late in the weeks.






"The best fishermen I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again;

 Instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them."

~ John Gierach

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