Friday, October 26, 2007

New product Farmed Black Cod

Here is some information provided to me from the distributor of fresh farmed raised Black Cod , sable fish. I generally try to buy wild product of this species because it is considered sustainable. I will be taking a better look at this particular farm to see if we can give them a good sustainability rating.

Fresh Farmed

(Sablefish, anoploploma fimbria)

Black cod, or Sablefish as it is more commonly referred, gets its name from its black or dark green skin our. The flesh is a beautiful pearly white that results in large velvety flakes. Due to a high Omega-3 fat content, Black Cod has a smooth, rich, buttery taste combined with a smooth and luxurious texture.
Cooked black cod makes an excellent substitute for the endangered Chilean Sea bass. With its similar taste and texture, it can be prepared and served using a myriad of techniques.
Farmed black cod is prized for its raw use in the sashimi market as, unlike its wild caught counterpart, it is parasite free.
Totem Sea Products Ltd. prides itself in being a pioneer in the development of certified organics for Aquaculture in Canada. This independent family farm has been operating since 1977 on BC’s majestic Jervis Inlet on Canada’s west coast. Committed to environmental excellence in marine farming, Totem strives to produce wholesome seafood products adhering to organic operating principals. In this vain only indigenous species are produced using organic feeds, reared at low densities while practicing humane animal husbandry techniques.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size : 100g/3.5 oz raw – Amount per serving



Fat Calories


Total Fat


Saturated Fat



49 mg


56 mg


13.4 g

Omega – 3

1.4 g

Fresh Farmed Black Cod is offered in the following form:

Processed Head On

Size 2-3 pound

3-4 pound

4-5 pound

Packaged 50 pound Styrofoam boxes (22.5 kg)
Black Cod produced by Totem Sea Products Ltd. and is marketed exclusively by Calkins & Burke Limited.

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