Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thansgiving Seafood Meal

I had heard that the first Thanksgiving meal was very different than the kind we have today, it was heavy on the seafood selection! How great is that? So here is my ultimate reproduction seafood centric Thanksgiving menu suggestions

Lobster Fisherman, James Ormsbee Chapin

lobster and leek bisque

cod chowder, winter squash and Holland cheese


smoked herring spread, watercress and sourdough biscuit

roasted clams
and oysters, salt pork and sorrel

bay scallop, apple cider vinegar

Main Courses

whole grilled bluefish, cabbage and radish slaw

maple roasted striped bass, dried wild berry compote

chestnut and oyster cornbread dressing

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. If you would like to read more on the first festival that we have come to know as Thanksgiving, you can find out more by visiting these websites.

Pilgrim Hall Museum

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