Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wild Salmon in Trouble

California, and Oregon are acting to save the future of wild salmon. There is a big problem concerning the amount of water available in that area. Apparently too much water is being diverted to agriculture to provide the salmon with the river and stream beds needed to reproduce. I think that it is a good move to stop the harvest this year, but it is obvious to me that we need to think about the root causes of these problems. Attention government officials you need to relax your allegiance to Agra powers that be. Not only does this problem drastically affect the salmon, but it is a huge financial burden to the local fishery, and those people involved with it. This is one case where the lack of fish is not solely due to poor management. Today is Earth day and this should be a wake up call for everyone. If you want to do something write your elected officials and let them know you care. I hope that the closure is not too little or too late. Take a look at these related websites as well.


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