Friday, June 27, 2008

Now Do I Have To Reconsider Sockeye?

A recent article in the Canadian Paper Globe and Mail highlights the plight of B.C. sockeye.

Trout Unlimited, an Oregon sport fishing and conservancy group has partnered with a supermarket chain to focus on the issue of Bristol Bay and a planned mining operation that could starve the areas rivers of water, and be devastating to salmon stocks.

Marine Harvest doing something to protect wild salmon migratory routes.

Wild Pacific salmon used to be easy, but now with news about bycatch in the pollack fisheries and these new stories we must take a new look.

Just to keep you updated I will be taking home some Pacific chum salmon (aka: keta, dog, silverbright) Oncorhynchus keta.
I will be cooking the fish a few ways, and will post the results.

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