Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rising Fuel Cost Saves the Ocean, Maybe Not

In the past month the rising costs of fuel, diesel in particular have caused an uproar from coast to coast and from sea to sea. Strikes in France, Spain, and Portugal. Work stoppages in Japan. Limited days at sea for struggling American boats, and the list goes on. So how is this good? It is not. But maybe it could be good for those threatened species you say. You know less fisherman out there catching fish from day to day, that has to take some pressure off of the reserves right? This line of thinking only highlights the problem with the perception of fishing today. Unlike what most consumers might think about the fishing industry; small boats and small crews hand lining fish, most fish is taken by larger vessels with high tech gear, and high yield fishing techniques. High fuel prices really only affect the small guys. So when fuel costs rise some of these old school artisanal fishermen are the ones most hurt. So despite what may seem like a panacea for ocean conservation, could actually force some shift to higher yield and more destructive type of fishing. So I put this challenge to inventors, free thinkers, geniuses, conservationists, and venture capitalists: come up with a way to increase the efficiency of small fishing vessels while promoting seafood sustainability.
This is an average sized small vessel
This is a larger factory ship

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