Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shellfish Handling

It is the time of year now when increased outdoor temperatures, and the natural inclination to spawn are upon us. To help prevent unwanted mortality follow these helpful guidelines.

  1. Keep shellfish refrigerated and buried in ice in a container that allows drainage.
  2. Proper refrigeration is important, but even more so during this time. Even moderate temperature abuse, or rough handling could cause your shellfish to spawn.
  3. Gaping shellfish can be run under cold water to get them to close, if they still do not close they are dead or dying and should be discarded.
  4. To prevent gaping , keep shellfish in a tightly closed mesh bag.
  5. Spawned product should be rinsed in fresh cold water and put into a clean container.
Monitor these critical areas.

  • Loading docks, limit time and temperature abuse.
  • Ship product in refrigerated trucks only.
  • Hot kitchens can kill shellfish in no time, keep product iced and refrigerated at all times.

Take extra care in all these areas and your shellfish will take care of you. Thank you to my friends at American Mussel for all the information, and inspiration.

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