Thursday, February 5, 2009

Affordable Seafood, Boston Mackerel

Seafood can be an affordable dining choice. So with that in mind here is one fish that you should consider putting on your menu, Boston mackerel. This small member of the mackerel family Scomber scombrus is also known by some other names such as Atlantic mackerel, tinker, or simply mackerel.

A favorite fish in the United Kingdom and Europe it is barely on the radar to American chefs and consumers. Atlantic mackerel is often sold in tins or smoked. The tinned product makes an excellent and more flavorful alternative to canned tuna. Try to find one packed in olive oil and use it like you would tuna in your favorite salad recipe. Try a mackerel nicoise salad. Smoked fish is always a winner and the rich flavor of mackerel is enhanced with the addition of salt and hardwood smoke, it is great on its own or made into a dip.

Fresh fillets can be quickly sauteed and served with simple garnishes for a truly delicious and elegant meal.

Mackerel is high in healthy omega oils, selenium and low in mercury. The United States Atlantic grounds are well stocked with sustainable yields available even though some pressures have been put upon the European supply. You can enjoy this fish almost the entire year round with peak catches occurring in late winter and early spring. Ask your fishmonger to bring some in.

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