Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Fresh Main Shrimp are in house, Live Sea Urchin from the East Coast are available, and the Nantucket Bay price has come down

The baby grouper special are still available, the fish are 1-2lb and only 3.65/lb, and the Fiji snapper special is around, fish are 2-6lb, H/G and have a great flavor

Grouper will be closing for a month. This happens every year, Grouper goes away for about a month and prices sky rocket. I recommend taking them off the menu and waiting for the return.

Wild Stp Bass and Fluke should hold at the low price for the week, Black Sea Bass is spotty, and Skate is creeping up

Watch out for Swordfish, it's tight right now and the price is way up

Boston Mackerel is a steal and the Spanish is pristine

The Maine Shrimp and Nantuckets are on a quota system and it looks like those seasons may last a little longer this year, as there are plenty of more tags to be harvested

"He who can suppress a moment's anger may prevent a day of sorrow." - Tryon Edwards

Oh but it can be so hard sometimes, Good luck out there in the trenches


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