Monday, January 25, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
We sure hope you had a great weekend. The weather has been fairly mild up and down the Atlantic Coast, but that looks like it may be ending soon. Today heavy rains are in the forecast from mid Florida (affecting some gulf fisheries) to Nova Scotia. Heavy winds and rough seas will mean limited fishing opportunities for boats at sea today. The rest of the week looks to be a bit nicer with lower temperatures sneaking back by weeks end.
Striped bass is coming to an end for Maryland this week, and Virginia has some new openings, but it may be mid week until we see those fish. If you need any give us a call today, we have a limited amount left for Tuesday. 
Corvina would be a good substitute for wild striped bass, and we have newly arrived golden corvina from Panama. These are headed and gutted fish tail off, so you are getting a great yield. Corvina is also called lubina, or sea bass depending where you are.
Golden tile continues to be readily available and beautiful, would look truly impressive on an ice display. This mild and flaky white fish is very similar to snapper and very local being caught off of Barnegut Light, NJ.
For you locavores we also have dayboat line caught porgies that are 2-3lbs each.
Act fast if you like fresh octopus, we have fresh trap caught pulpo from our stone crab guy in Florida.
Live crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) will be available to ship to you Tuesday.  These will be the "green signal" crayfish from Northern California. Lively and graded to be the largest available. Harvested today and air shipped to us tonight.
The featured oyster today is the west coast Steamboat oyster. The protected inlet of the Puget sound, and the strong tidal surges around the peninsula named for its shape similarity to a steamboat are the home to this oyster. Steamboat's are one of the fastest growing oysters and are prized by west coast chefs as they retain the distinct earthy and cucumber flavors even when cooked.
Also available: sweet head-on Maine shrimp, medium stone crab claws, hiramasa, fresh sardines and large Dover sole.
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