Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Greetings Chefs and Buyers,
Well, we still have some crayfish from this mornings shipment crawling about the warehouse, so you can still get them in your pots. The same flight also had our regular shot of West Coast oysters and manila clams as well as some spectacular sturgeon bullets.
If you are into local and reasonably priced fish you might want to consider the following options:
  • Haddock (dayboat) Cape Cod, MA
  • Porgies (hand line) Long Island, NY
  • Kitten Tile (seine net) Beaufort, NC
  • Spanish Mackerel (line caught) Beaufort, NC
  • Blackfish (Trap) Point Pleasant, NJ
From Florida we are still getting Stone Crab and some octopus that are caught in the same traps (they come looking for an easy meal). Fresh shrimp are sized 16/20, they cook up sweet and crisp in a league of their own.
From the other side of the world we have Hiramasa ,yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi, also known as gold striped amberjack, it is a natural inhabitant of the waters off South Australia. We source ours from a highly regarded and sustainable farm that rears the fish from egg to harvest size. http://www.cleanseas.com.au/fish/kingfish.html Fed a diet free of antibiotics or hormones this fish is considered a better alternative to Japanese hamachi. Hiramasa can be used for many applications including crudo and grill.
Dover sole, Chilean turbot, Nova Scotia halibut and Pemaquid mussels are also available today.
Striped bass and Black sea bass are in very limited supply due to heavy seas, please let us know your choice of sub if you try to order either fish. 
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