Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Seafood Suggestions

Here is the short list of my recommended sustainable seafood choices for Fall. These selections should be readily available until the start of winter. As usual the list has an East Coast bias, my apologies to the West Coast. So in no particular order:

  • bluefish: wild line caught, USA
  • clams: wild or farmed, hand dredge, USA
  • mussels: rope grown, Canada
  • wild striped bass: wild caught and tagged, USA
  • bay scallops: wild and farmed, hand dredge, USA and Mexico
  • coho salmon: wild caught, USA and Canada
  • wild shrimp: wild caught w/excluder devices, USA
  • arctic char: closed system farmed, Canada and Iceland
  • catfish: farmed, USA
  • sable fish: wild caught, USA

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