Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who am I?

A fair enough question. I was recently approached by an online forum to contribute to the site in some way and it opened up some interesting questions.

"Hi Matt, Now doing a second look, I'm not sure myself exactly what your stance is on seafood. Are you for conserving marine life or are you for eating seafood for growth? Are you interested in fishing or are you a marine conservationist? (Nothing wrong with either of these stances, just asking for clarification.) And perhaps if you have a different viewpoint than what we are used to, perhaps you could share it on our site, make our readers understand why you feel the way you do. It couldn't hurt. Perhaps you've owned an aquarium in the past and would want to write about that? Well, first give me a little more clarification, I should better understand where you are coming from!
Thank you,(name withheld)"

So if you would indulge me for a bit I want to explain. I am involved daily in the seafood business as a buyer so I am deeply vested in the issues I try to address here.
  • I am for conserving marine life, and I believe that the way to do this is by an honest investigation and improvement of fishing technologies, catch methods and quotas, as well as sustainable aquaculture.
  • I like eating seafood, but I personally choose not to eat those I consider not sustainable.
  • I enjoy recreational fishing and I keep only what I can eat. I support current licensing legislation.
  • I am learning more daily, and I hope you do to. My opinions might develop over time, stay tuned.
  • I had a aquarium as a kid but since the Click-Clack incident that sent the contents of said aquarium to the floor I have never owned one since.
Just touching the surface.

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