Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fish on the Barbi


The great part of cooking on the BBQ is you can prepare all the fish and seafood in advance; marinades, basting sauces and dips will all keep perfectly well in a fridge; leaving you free to chat and enjoy the company of family and friends.

You will be able to cook some fish and seafood direct on the BBQ, others will need protecting in aluminium foil.

Sardines, salmon, sea bass, king prawns etc, need no more than seasoning and basting with your choice of marinade or sauce. Others such as cod fillet and softer fish need protection.

Marinade your fish and seafood before cooking; olive oil, sea salt, honey, soy sauce and herbs and spices are all prime candidates for inclusion in a marinade.

Fresh herbs such as rosemary and bay leaves make ideal flavouring.

Try to lift the rack or grid you will be cooking on away from the charcoal, this reduces the heat allowing the fish to cook and not burn.

Consider staggering the cooking of seafood so each type is cooked separately, this way guests will be better able to enjoy the different tastes and textures.

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