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Aramark's Sustainable Seafood Pledge

Aramark announced it will be working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium to source sustainable seafood. Aramark is one of the largest food management services in the United States. I have worked for them and to the best of my knowledge with maybe the exception of shrimp, seafood is a very small amount of purchases. All that aside it is good that they are making an effort, because even if seafood only accounts for a small percentage of unit sales. Typical units are convention centers, sports arenas, jails, schools, health care , and business dining. The volume of sales translate that small percentage into tons of seafood. As a seafood distributor I would love to be a preferred vendor.

Fishmongers I have known

In the summer of 1995 I was an underemployed cook, house painter, and part time college student. One of my favorite restaurants in the Tampa Bay area had just moved over the bridge and to Saint Petersburg Florida. That restaurant was Native Seafood, and on a warm evening in July of that year all the stars were lining up in my favor. I asked one of my college classmates a beautiful young lady named Marta to dinner that evening, and she agreed to let me take her to Native Seafood. We must have gotten a late start because I remember most of the customers were making there way out while we were on our way in. It was a pleasant night so we chose to sit on the deck and enjoy our dinner. Our waiter for the evening was quite charming, I think he was trying to make time with my date, but the wine and my delight to have her as my date did not allow it to bother me. So after a delightful meal of tropical inspired cuisine we were the last two customers in the place, and the staff was cleaning up.
For the low low price of just $10.00 I was able to purchase the word FISHMONGER on a new site that allows anyone to buy a word and link it to anywhere they want. I linked it right here to For more information about the the big word project check out the May issue of Wired magazine. By the way here are a few online definitions for Fishmonger.

Fishmonger and the Big Word Project

For the low low price of just $10.00 I was able to purchase the word FISHMONGER on a new site that allows anyone to buy a word and link it to anywhere they want. I linked it right here to For more information about the the big word project check out the May issue of Wired magazine. By the way here are a few online definitions for Fishmonger. Fishmonger fishmonger fishmonger fishmonger

Wild Salmon in Trouble

California, and Oregon are acting to save the future of wild salmon. There is a big problem concerning the amount of water available in that area. Apparently too much water is being diverted to agriculture to provide the salmon with the river and stream beds needed to reproduce. I think that it is a good move to stop the harvest this year, but it is obvious to me that we need to think about the root causes of these problems. Attention government officials you need to relax your allegiance to Agra powers that be. Not only does this problem drastically affect the salmon, but it is a huge financial burden to the local fishery, and those people involved with it. This is one case where the lack of fish is not solely due to poor management. Today is Earth day and this should be a wake up call for everyone. If you want to do something write your elected officials and let them know you care. I hope that the closure is not too little or too late. Take a look at these related websites as well. h

Supply and Demand

I am pretty sure that during all those lectures in economics I was busy checking out the young ladies in the class, but I do remember something about supply and demand. Oh yes the rule of supply and demand is bearing down strong on the seafood industry. A number of factors are working against anyone who purchases seafood. Factor number one; the weak dollar is giving our overseas counterparts more buying power, and helping to drive prices up here for species like wild salmon , and many of your Boston area fish Additional factors causing this can be traced to lower yields from farmed fish including tilapia, and farmed salmon . The aquaculture industry is also competing for some of the same feed that land based farming operations use, and they too are facing higher prices driven up by high fuel prices. Anyone who has read my blog, or recent articles elsewhere is fairly aware about the growing concern we are depleting our oceans from overfishing . Plus overall consumption of seafood is up
Dear Dr. Science, Humans often times swallow air while eating. Later they release that air in the form of a burp. Do fish swallow water and burp water? from Rob King of "Harrodsburg, KY" Well, here's another solution to one of life's great mysteries, courtesy of the world's foremost authoritarian, Dr. Science. If you've got a mystery, puzzle or general conundrum that's been keeping you up at night, send it to Dr. Science. He's working for all of us and is only too happy to clarify the complicated. Drop off your question at the Dr.'s question page and it may qualify for the Questionable Hall of Fame , a collection of the best questions submitted during the past few months. While you're there, check out the Dr.'s fabulous collection of scientific merchandise and official geegaws at no perceptible charge to you! "They do, and it's one of the more common forms of fish locomotion. Of c

Seafood Choices

Here are two lists showing seafood consumption. The first is from the N.F.I. (National Fisheries International). The next one is from sales data for New York only. Compiled from various sources. Both are for the last full year. U.S. CONSUMPTION (N.F.I.) SHRIMP CANNED TUNA SALMON POLLACK TILAPIA CATFISH CRAB COD CLAMS SCALLOPS FLATFISH NEW YORK CITY RESTAURANT SALES SALMON FRESH TUNA FLATFISH SHRIMP LOBSTER COD BASS CLAMS, MUSSELS OYSTERS SCALLOPS SNAPPERS / BREAMS

Blackfish is Back

Northeast - Tautog Fishery Moratorium Ended NOAA Fisheries has announced the cancellation of the Federal moratorium on fishing for tautog in the State waters of New Jersey. NOAA Fisheries canceled the moratorium, as required by the Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative Management Act, based on the determination that New Jersey is now in compliance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's Tautog Interstate Fishery Management Plan. For addition information, please contact Bob Ross , NOAA Fishery Management Specialist, telephone (978) 281-9327.

Sustainable Seafood - A Primer for Chefs

If you are a Chef in the great city of New York, I would like to extend an invitation to an upcoming event. For more information reply to this post, or use the contact the fishmonger link.

Chefs Only

SUSTAINABLE AFTER HOURS Come and relax with your friends at Wild Edibles, get your questions answered about sustainability, have a few drinks and enjoy the freshest oysters, scallops, and specialties available. Wednesday, April 16 th 9:30 pm – 1:00 am or later WILD EDIBLES OYSTER BAR 535 Third Avenue (Between 35 th and 36 th ) Guest speakers: Rod Taylor Taylor Seafood of New Haven Dane Klinger Blue Ocean Institute Please RSVP Wild Edibles 718-433-4321 See you there, Richard, James, MJ, Michael, Matt, Luis, Walter, Bobby, Robert, and the entire staff . .

Doom and Gloom

I hope that any readers of this blog will not take the last few posts as any indicator of the general tone I would like to portray. That being said there is definitely some reason for concern when it comes to seafood, its sustainability, and the future of the oceans. I for one have faith that together the industry, and humans will do the right thing. It will take some time for the public to get the message, and be the right kind of driving force. The future is aquaculture, but aquaculture done right. For so many years and just as many news articles the public has been fed a steady diet of the failures and problems of aquaculture, and the greatness of wild fish. Of course there is always some truth, and I am not going to argue that farmed salmon is the best thing since sliced bread, but I doubt that it has more impact on the environment than conventional land based meat production. At least the industry is having the conversation, and some farms are doing things to lessen the impact. On

Chatham Cod

Another case of limited number of fish, and a bigger consumer appetite than it can accomidate. In todays dining section of the New York Times
AQUACULTURE Fish learning to catch themselves Plan is being tested to use sound to train fish to swim into harvesting areas. By Jay Lindsay ASSOCIATED PRESS Sunday, March 30, 2008 BOSTON — Call them Pavlov's fish: Scientists are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a tone that signals feeding time. If it works, the system could eventually allow black sea bass to be released into the open ocean, where they would grow to market size, then swim into an underwater cage to be harvested when they hear the signal. "It sounds crazy, but it's real," said Simon Miner, a research assistant at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole, which received a $270,000 grant for the project from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Miner said specially trained fish might one day be used to bolster the depleted black sea bass stock.