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You Can Have Your Fish and Eat Them Too

You Can Have Your Fish and Eat Them Too This article promotes the idea of Marine Reserves. I think this is an idea whose time has come. This is similiar to the model used in the Sea Scallop fishery, but you might say they have more of a crop rotation model.

Catch Shares Save Fishermen and Fish

Catch Shares Save Fishermen and Fish Great article about how catch shares may help.

Flathead Minnows do not Need Prozac

Fish on Prozac Are Violent And Obsessive | | | Share on reddit Reddit | Share on digg Digg | Share on stumbleupon Stumble | Share on email Email | More Sharing Services More Photo: USFWS Prozac’s host of side effects aren’t just limited to depressed humans. Fish, too, suffer when the drug washes into their streams, rivers and lakes. When people excrete Prozac’s active ingredient, fluoxetine, in their urine, the chemical finds paths into natural waterways through sewage treatment plants that are unequipped to filter it out. When male fish ingest the drug, it seemingly alters their minds to the point of dysfunction and even destruction. Nature News reports : To investigate the effects of fluoxetine, researchers have turned to a common US freshwater fish species called the fathead minnow ( Pimephales promelas ). Normally, fathead minnows show a complex mating behaviour, with males building the nests that females visit to lay their eggs. Once the eggs are laid and fertilized, the males