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Razor Clams are in house and beautiful John Dory is coming tonight, the price has dropped for imported fish, lately they have been beautiful New Zealand Pink Snappers sizes 2-4lbs are available, they are much less expensive than the domestics Escolar is in this week, Fresh Maine shrimp is here now, Med. Mussels, are available, and Dungeness crab is looking good The Spanish Mackerel is sushi quality, The Tile Fish is golden, the Rouget are bright red, and our Cod is Day Boat and from Iceland Fresh Octo is available but Domestic and Wild Stp Bass is creeping up "Earth is a flower and it's pollinating." - Neil Young It's a beautiful Pollination, and right now there's about 8inches of it in Manhattan Have a great break from the good weather MJ

In Like a Lion

March has roared in like a lion as we wait for trucks loaded with fish ordered Friday. I woke this morning to a winter wonderland here in New York.