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I know I should be writing about mercury in seafood, but frankly there has been plenty of press. I am concerned about mercury in seafood and elsewhere.

Seafood in an Economic Downturn

Despite the current economic situation I want to encourage everyone to keep eating sustainable seafood. We all need to reap the benefits of great seafood more than ever. The healthy benefits of seafood will pay for themselves in the long run; with increased brain function, decreased risk of coronary problems, just to name a couple. Seafood prices have remained stable and are apparently on a downward trend. Some relief has been granted to local fisheries as the price of fuel continues to decline. And I received the first freight reduction in years from one of our trucking companies. So now is a great time to vote with your wallet and continue to support sustainable seafood. Here is a list of some reasonably priced choices. Bluefish (wild caught local) Mussels (farmed, US and Canada) Clams (farmed or wild hand dug) Barramundi (farmed, US) Coldwater Shrimp (wild, US and Canada)