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Egg Laying Male Fish

A Researcher at Ohio State University has claimed to develop an egg laying male fish. That strikes me as wrong. I am all for advances in aquaculture, but this one I do not think will sit well with the public. From UPI
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Aquaculture Efficiencies

It is estimated that in the near future ( some put the date at 2050 ) our oceans will no longer be able to support the growing seafood demand. In order to keep pace with demand fish farming (aquaculture) production is sure to increase. Now despite all the bad publicity that fish like farmed salmon receive, there are aquaculture operations that are on the cutting edge of sustainability. One in particular is Kona Blue Water Farms , where they raise Kona Kamapchi ( Seriola rivoliana ) a fish that would be known as Almaco Jack or kahala in the wild. I recently read a report they released that shows that the feed efficiency for farmed fish may in fact surpass wild fish. While the jury is still out because the report is subjective, I applaud the effort. Kona Blue is indeed doing the right thing and have received a lot of attention for the high level of stewardship they exhibit. What follows is the press release. Kona Kampachi® - 60 Times Less Impact on Stocks than Wild-Caught Fish S

MJ's Market Report

We have a must read list today, its time to get excited about fish again! Wild King Salmon are coming tonight from the Columbia river, we have only 8 Red Kings available and 2 Ivory Kings, the fish have been Large and Immaculate, get to us soon to lock in your fish Scallops, fresh, with roe attached are in house and beautiful. They are u-12 size and very limited Razor clams are coming tonight over the road from Maine Crayfish are on their way from the West Coast John Dory is in house and looking spectacular Corvina is in, the fish are large and h&g and very inexpensive The Black Cod is fresh and the fish average around 7lbs h&g Live Dungeness are available, the Blackfish is still in rigor, and New Zealand Green Lip Mussels will be in for tommorrow Price drops; Monkfish is way down, Lobster prices are dropping, Wild Stp Bass prices are falling, Tile Fish Plummeted, and Halibut is a STEAL!!! The Halibut is coming from the West Coast ane Eas

Earth Day 2009

Today is Earth day. The Earth is composed of mostly water. Therefore today should be mostly about water. I hope you do not mind my philosophical stretch. But how can you blame me since the fishmonger must be focused on the seas and such? Let us not make light of today's significance, even though I may not agree with many that take a particular extreme view of today's environmental issues, PETA for one. I for one enjoy eating seafood, and I am especially invested in the seafood industry for my livelihood. I just believe that protection does not exclusively rule out enjoyment. If you are a first time visitor please take a moment to look around. I hope that you enjoy my musings and smattering's of actual information. I welcome, actually I encourage your comments and questions be they friendly or otherwise. Actually I hope to expand the content here with additional authors, so stay tuned. And happy Water, eh.. Earth Day.

Packard funded study proposes establishing ocean zones for ecosystem management

SEAFOOD.COM NEWS [ASCRIBE NEWS via COMTEX] - April 21, 2009 - SANTA BARBARA, Calif., A major shift in ocean policy is strongly urged by a team of scientists who are calling for comprehensive, national, ecosystem-based ocean zoning for the United States. Newly emerging data on the combined effects of multiple human stressors on marine ecosystems are now available to support this shift in policy, the scientists say. The work, published in the Spring 2009 issue of the journal Issues in Science and Technology, was conducted at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at UC Santa Barbara, with support from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Despite increasing emphasis in recent legislation on the cumulative effects of human activities, 'the oceans are still largely managed one species, sector, or issue at a time,' says Carrie V. Kappel, the lead author. Some promising new initiatives do take an integrated approach, but these te

Seafood Tidbits

French fishermen protest quotas by blocking transit. Chinese could eat all of Florida's turtles. Shad and the wheels of politics, fortune wanes.

Accepting the Challenges of Sustainable Seafood

I am always glad to see seafood sustainability in the public realm. I was inspired by this recent New York Times editorial .Like many issues today there is, as the author points out, a lot of confusion and bad information being bantered about. There is unfortunately a perception that farmed is bad (sometimes true) and that wild caught is better (not always the case). I am a fishmonger in New York and even some of the most savvy chefs are just starting to address this issue. Much of the problem of seafood sustainability I think is the general disconnect that the American consumer has developed with food. When I try to sell some sustainable species like mackerel (a small oily and relatively abundant fish) I hear that people do not like it. The truth might be that they won't try it. My advice: 1. Get a seafood guide for your local. Blue Ocean Institute is great for the Northeast. Monterey Bay is better if you live near the Pacific . 2.Get to know your fishmonger. Ask lots of questi


Weather really beat down the landings this weekend, high winds spell no fish Jumbo Soft shell prices are coming down, still no primes available Live Crayfish are on a plane for tonight delivery, Razor Clams are in house, and Pike is coming from upstate Mahi Mahi prices are dropping again as fish becomes abundant, The Black Cod is fresh and wild, and The Tasmanian Ocean Trout is coming tonight We will have New Zealand Pink Snappers tomorrow, the fish should be sushi quality and 2-3lb size West Coast and East Coast Halibut is available this week with mixed sizes up for grabs Spanish and Boston Mackerel are available for tomorrow, both are looking fantastic Fluke prices are jumping, as well as Wild Stripe Bass, the price should stabilize for the week on Bass but we don't see it coming down Tuna and Swordfish are going up this week as quality fish become hard to find Char is still an ongoing problem for this week, as large fish are spotty Fluke