Monday, May 10, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
Despite the date showing on the calender winter seems to have returned to the east coast. Frosty cold temperatures and gale force high winds are making fishing the east coast tough. Squid is usually the "canary in the coal mine" and catches are low with prices trending up. Despite everything, we do have some fancy black sea bass and spring wild striped bass both from Rhode Island. The black bass have good size, but the striped bass are smaller than usual most are around 6-8lbs, but the quality is there.
While we continue to hope for the best in the Gulf of Mexico we are still getting great products and have only experienced a slight price increase in the fresh shrimp. Lets hope that this disaster comes to an end soon. Today we have fresh American red snapper, fresh 16/20 shrimp, and even some stone crab claws. The stone crab season ends May 15th, so this will be the last chance of the year to partake of Florida's iconic crustacean.
We have Portuguese sardines available today from an early flight, and all our Dover sole made it on time with a few extra available. We are getting regular arrivals of salmon product from Ireland, Scotland, and the Faroe Islands. We have had a few of our customers asking about anticipated delays and cancellations for these and other products out of Europe due to the Iceland volcano (Eyjafjallajokull), but we do not have more information than is readily available. We will certainly share any information as it becomes available. Right now it is business as usual.
Also available today:
  • Wahoo
  • Barramundi
  • Corvina
  • Giant Grouper
  • Soft Shell Crabs
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