Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Hi Chefs and Buyers,
The rain continues here, and further north gale winds are forecast driving much of the fleet to shore. Some ground fish prices are expected to go up with the relative lack of supply for the weekend. We have outstanding cod, monk and pollack in today and you may want to get your orders in early. Squid is all Dayboat and sizes are running med to large. And we have porgies in a wide range of sizes.
In Connecticut the old timers are starting to see shad running inshore to spawn, and we had a few pairs in and out today. Availability is day to day, quality and size is very nice. Sea scallops in the shell are from Jersey, many with roe and an equivalent meat to a 10/20, we only have a small amount left..Coquille St. Jaques anyone?
From Florida we have a school of rocket pompano (1.5-2lbs) an excellent plate sized fish and they look great if you have a display area.  Also in are redfish. These wild drums produce a nice firm flesh that cooks up mild and white. The perfect fish to blacken.
Wild Salmon are coming from the pristine waters north of Vancouver Island and courtesy of a new traceability program sponsored by Ecotrust Canada we are able to trace some fish to individual boats: if you receive a tagged fish you can enter the code here very cool. These fish are all certified wild and sustainable by a third party certifier Friends of the Sea. We may have a few white or ivory kings in the mix too.
Farmed striped bass are back on the market after a too long hiatus. Mostly med and large sizes, with very few small fish for now. We do have the small 1-1.25lb barramundi and they make a good substitute.
Expected late arrivals include: Opah from Hawaii, Amberjack from Florida, and Wellfleet oysters from MA
"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have a great day,
Matthew Hovey
718-433-4321 ext.121 / fax 718-433-4616 cell 718-679-0641
"Hand picked specialties from the Seas"

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