Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Wreckfish, wreckfish, ra ra ra. These fish deserve a cheer. Fresh from the depths of the Carolina coast, the wreckfish fishery is highly managed
and as a result this is very sustainable fish choice. Each fish is between 15-25lbs and has a firm rose white flesh that cooks up tender and moist. A great substitute for grouper, this is a very versatile fish that can stand up to a variety of cooking methods. 
From New Jersey we have whitebait and squid. These minuscule gems are packed with flavor and when fried up make the perfect bar snack. Plenty of in rigor black sea bass are around and mostly sized over 2 lbs. Grey tile are in and bigger than normal with some nearly 8lbs, most are 3-6lbs. Greys may not be as flashy as there golden cousins, but they eat just as good.
From a small Nantucket boat we have plate sized flounders. Perfect 1-1.25lb presentation sized flounders are a great alternative to the high priced Dover sole. We also have fresh scup (porgies) from the same boat.
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still a big variable for a variety of species. Although fishing closures seem to be relatively limited to the Louisiana coastal area the long term affects remain uncertain. Currently crab meat is seeing pricing issues and we suspect shrimp may be soon to follow. We are monitoring the situation and have some contingency plans in affect for affected species.
Also available: red drum, wild striped bass, Arctic char, wild king salmon, and red snapper.
"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook"

~Julia Child

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