Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Fresh arrivals of fluke are coming from Martha's Vineyard today. The Menemsha dayboats are delivering us some of the best fluke of the season so far. Fluke is very versatile, and these are great for your crudos and ceviches as well. Sizes are mostly 2/4 and 4/6. Black sea bass season is officially over for Massachusetts, but we know a few boats with special survey permits and there is still Rhode island fish in good supply. Prices are fairly stable, and should remain that way for the near future. New Jersey boats showed up with really nice whitebait, and skate. Wild striped bass are susceptible to some changes in meat color during spawn, but finished product would be the same, all the fish are coming in from short trips with bright candy gills, clear eyes, and are very firm. Stripers are product of Maryland.
We have wahoo (ono) and triple tail. Both have just arrived into JFK after a direct flight from Panama. Wahoo is a great grill fish, and triple tail can be cooked like grouper or bass.
We will have some cockles from New Zealand arriving tonight, but they are limited so get your order in early please. Also from NZ we are expecting some Ehu Snapper (Etelis carbunculus) these snappers will be head-off and about 2lbs each. Ehu is similar to Onaga and one of the 7 favored deep water fish prized by Pacific Islanders. If you like stories follow this link for a Polynesian folk tale about Ehu. 
From the cold clean waters of Prince Edward Island Canada we have the rich briny Savage Harbour oyster. These small cocktail oysters are a natural choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced oyster that is great raw or cooked. We have no foreseen problem sourcing these for the rest of the summer, buy with confidence.
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