Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Cape May scallops are exceptionally nice today. These dayboat dry sea scallops are harvested from the area known as 'Elephant Trunk' that is located within a short trip from the Jersey docks. Firm and sweet and available in sizes 20/30, 10/20 and U/10. Pricing reflects quality and there are plenty of inferior scallops available from other sources, be careful.
Wild salmon is coming in fresh daily now. Landings are good for three species right now. We are buying from captains working Bristol Bay, AK and they are giving us Kings, Sockeyes, and Silverbrights. Prices are trending back down from last months unexpected highs. The silverbrights are available at prices below farmed salmon. Silverbright salmon while not as deep red fleshed and with less fat still has a rich salmon flavor and is a great palette for a creative chef.
Chilean turbot has arrived, this delicious flatfish is a joy to work with. Turbot combines all the best qualities of larger flatfish like halibut (firmness) and the sublime flavor profile of fish like Dover sole. Chilean fish run 2-4lbs each.
Also available:
Cobia, halibut, dayboat cod, fresh squid, fluke, and bluefish.
East coast oysters are incredible, try one of these selections today: Wawanauks from Maine, Beavertails from Rhode Island, Pipes Cove from Long Island, or Salutations from Canada.
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~Theodore Roosevelt
Have a great day,
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