Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day chefs and buyers,
This week starts out with new landings from many areas. Coming in tonight are dayboat jumbo monk tails, and skate from Massachusetts. From Rhode Island we are expecting fluke and porgies. From our west coast shippers we will have our usual large selection of oysters and wild salmons.
Mahi is in today and they are spectacular head on specimens. Flashed with hues of yellow and blue they look to be minutes out of the water, and they are cutting firm and with bright bloodlines. Opah from Fiji is due in tonight, and we have Amberjack from Florida.
We are trying hard to bring in Wild Striped Bass, but since Rhode Island is the only active fishing grounds right now we are limited by both States regulations. Rhode Island fish must be over 34 inches, and New York has a 36 inch limit. This only allows us a very small window (2 inches) of eligible fish. The good news is that New York is set to open in the beginning of July, and Massachusetts will follow mid month. So July and August should be much more forgiving with plenty of fish around and prices much lower.  
Also available: Grouper, Sturgeon, Corvina, Tautog, Spanish Mackerel, Black Cod, and Uni Trays.
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Have a great day,
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