Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning chefs and buyers,
The buzz from Jersey is that we can expect some high yield landings of large sea scallops coming into Cape May over the next week. The fleet is out derby style into long closed areas and reporting scallop beds thick with scallops and very little to no flounders coming as by-catch (this is significant because high capture of yellowtails could have meant reduced days at sea for the scallop boats). Meat sizes will be mostly U/10's and there likely will be many U/7's in the mix. If the landings are as high as expected we hope to see prices drop significantly as boats come in towards weeks end. On another note, from a private short trip boat out of Rhode Island we have some sea scallops in the shell today, the big boats process everything on board so to get seas in the shell of this quality is not common.
Massachusetts jumbo monkfish tails (4+) are fantastic with rose pink collars and very firm flesh. Wolf fish showed up on a lot of boats yesterday, and we have some nice medium sized specimens. Wolf fish are an eel like member of  the blennie family. Subsiding on a diet primarily of mollusc, urchin and crab the meat of this fish is sweet and fine. Local silver dory are between 2-5lbs today, the flesh of dory is firm and mild and similar in appearance to flounder and sole.
We brought in some Opah today from the South Pacific Island of Fiji. Opah is an excellent crudo item and similar enough to tuna to be cleverly used in the same ways you might serve it.
Also available is sturgeon, razor and steamer clams, uni trays, fresh blue crab meat,  ocean perch fillet, wild sockeye (at these prices they will be gone soon) and chinook salmon.
"It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do."
~Jerome K. Jerome
Enjoy the day,
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