Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Edible Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Well the big storm passed us by this weekend, I am sure everyone was Ok with that right? The storm had very little effect on commercial fishing, Maryland striped bass was affected, and some southern boats stayed in so that may affect fluke catches. North Carolina stripe bass should fill any gaps left from Maryland shortages, and there seems to be plenty of fluke.
Massachusetts cod landings have tightened up, so we have brought in the best Cod that is available. From the cold frigid waters of Iceland, and the men who fish them we have not only Day boat Icelandic cod, but also halibut, wolf fish aka , and large red ocean perch fillet.
 Lets talk a minute about the Wolf fish, once a fairly common special of ours there have been new fishing restrictions on domestic catches here while the fishery undergoes an evaluation. The Iceland stocks of these fish are in good shape so we are able to bring them with a good conscience. The fish itself has a face only a mother could love, but the flesh of this crustacean and shellfish loving deep sea predator is mild, sweet, tender and delicious.  
As we mentioned before we have Iceland Halibut, same as the east coast fish, and maybe a we bit nicer.
We had a Jersey boat come in earlier than expected with golden tile fish, sword, and mako because of weekend storm fears. Bad for them, but good for us.
From Florida we have our usual Monday morning arrivals of Stone Crab (mediums), fresh trap caught octopus, grouper and snappers.
We have a super deal on snapper fillet today at $7.95 net price. Sizes and quantities are limited, pre orders recommended.
Also available: corvina, fluke, monk, mahi, wild steelhead salmon, and porgies.
Have a great day,
Matthew Hovey
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