Monday, February 22, 2010

Wild Edibles seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
Lots of great fish today from points north and south. Some rough weather is predicted for the North Atlantic fisheries and ground fish may tighten up. Today we have great Dayboat Cod and Monk with a fresh shot of Haddock in tonight. Some small local porgies are available as are really fine looking Spanish mackerel, both fish are 1-2lbs.
From our northern neighbors we have nice line caught Nova Scotia halibut just arrived. The shipper was upset about last nights Olympic Hockey upset of USA over Canada, but it was too late to divert the truck. Go USA!!
From a few select guys in Florida we are receiving jumbo golden tile fish (9-18lbs), American red snappers (available in sizes 1-2lb, 2-4lb, and 4-8lb) everyone hand picked and awesome, fresh shrimp are guaranteed sweet and crisp as usual.
We have a really special treat from our Cajun cousins in Louisiana; Soft Shell Crayfish, raised in a special process these large (3.25-3.75 inch) crayfish are harvested at just the right time of molt to give the ultimate in elevated lowland cuisine. This rare treat is sure to surprise and please your guest. Can be enjoyed like a soft shell crab, let your culinary imagination run wild.
We have often touted the fineness of Island Creek oysters, and now our friend Skip has produced another oyster that may be even nicer. Why not give Peters Point oysters a try, you can decide if this firm easy opening and briny sweet oyster is superior or not. Personally we are going to have to have another dozen or so to decide.
"Eleven seconds, you've got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? YES!"
~Al Michaels, broadcast from the 1980 Olympic hockey victory of USA over Russia.

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