Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
We are ready with a great line up of fish and shellfish for your weekend and Valentines Day menus. This winter storm has caused a few delays and split shipments, (Dover sole, New Zealand products, and some Mediterranean items) but everything should be cleaned up at our
local airports in time to ship to you Friday.
Fish from the northern Mass boats are all at the peak of freshness with great options like Dayboat line caught Cod and Haddock. One of our favorite little fish showed up today as well; Boston Mackerel packs more flavor and healthy omega oils than almost any other fish at a price that is hard to resist.
We have two flat fish that are Valentines Day menu heroes: Chilean turbot is a perennial favorite, this firm yet delicate white fish is succulent enough to stand on its own or with your best sauce. We have nice big (12-42lbs) Halibut from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Take advantage of strong consumer recognition of this menu superstar, the fish are firm and in rigor.
We have beautiful Arctic char today (2-4lbs), this is a sustainable farmed product raised in closed tanks on a natural diet free of antibiotics. Peach fleshed and sweet tasting it can used in any recipe calling for salmon.
Stone crab claws and Razor clams are available but limited to what we have in house. Please call today if you need any for the weekend, so we can secure them for you.
Wild striped bass are plentiful, Black sea bass are Jumbo, Mahi are bright and rosy fleshed and we have a few Red fish (2-4lbs) from Texas just in time for the lovefest.
We have plenty of Oysters including:
East Coast Varieties
  • Beau Soleil
  • Blue Point
  • Canada Cup
  • Caraquet
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Island Creek
  • Pine Island
  • Malpeque
  • Salt Aire
  • Salutation
  • Saint Anne
  • Saint Simone
  • Pipers Cove
  • Martha's Vineyard
West Coast Varieties
  • Cortez Island
  • Elkhorn
  • Fanny Bay
  • Hama Hama
  • Hood Canal
  • Kumomoto
  • Kushi
  • Malaspina
  • Nootka
  • Pearl Point
  • Pacific Orchard
  • Pebble Beach
  • Skookum
  • Sunset Beach
  • Totten
  • Quilcene
 "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." 

~Mother Teresa

Best regards,

Matthew Hovey
718-433-4321 ext.121 / fax 718-433-4616 cell 718-679-0641
"Hand picked specialties from the Seas"

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