Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Fish in the News

Fish could overtake Lake Michigan
Green Bay Press Gazette
By Kurt Rentmeester • Kewaunee County News • June 30, 2010 Asian carp eat insects and plankton that small fish like alewives live on. ...
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US Plans 'Extraordinary Measures' to Rescue Turtles Along Gulf Coast
New York Times
The Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommended that the nests be ...
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Seafood watch
Chicago Tribune
The number of commercially sold fin fish species in the Gulf exceeds the number found on the East and West coasts combined. Seafood coming out of the ...
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Asian Carp: They're Getting Near and Why That's Bad News
CBS News
Politicians like Stabenow are willing to turn to unconventional warfare against this invader because this is a very unconventional sort of fish, ...
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Who's making sure Gulf seafood safe to eat?
Seattle Times
These are the two primary sites scrutinizing thousands of samples of shrimp, crab and fin fish gathered from the Gulf. The multiple chemical analyses have ...
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Fish to beat industry at survival
Financial Times
"The fish themselves will recover, no question," agrees Kerry St Pe, who for 25 years worked as south-east Louisiana's oil spill response co-ordinator and ...
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Depressed? Fish oil might help
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - If you're feeling depressed, you might feel better if you take fish oil supplements, a new study shows. ...
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Vt. man bequeaths lakefront property to government
The Associated Press
On Tuesday, the land trust, US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources gave tours of the parcel on Lake Memphremagog and ...
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PAT NEAL'S WILDLIFE: Genetically altering fish monkeys with Nature
Peninsula Daily
The Pacific salmon -- a fish once so plentiful they were called "the poor man's tuna" -- was fished into economic extinction throughout much of their range ...
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