Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
It is a short week and it is hard to believe it is Wednesday already. So along with record temperatures we have some specials that are hot too.
Wild King salmon from the Pacific Northwest are big bold and firm of flesh. Todays fish are from a troll fishery out of Vancouver, British Columbia. We are selling record numbers of wild salmon, and we will also have sockeye salmon. At these prices these fish deserve a place on your Summer menu.
European specialties are due in tonight and they include: Branzini (sizes 400/600 and 600/800 gr), Dorade (sizes 400/600 and 600/800 gr), Portuguese sardines. Dover sole ships tomorrow if you have your preorder in. Next order day for Dover sole will be Thursday for Monday shipping.
Arctic char is a great sustainable option to farmed salmon. The sublime orange flesh work well in any recipe that calls for salmon. Arctic char are raised in a closed system that does not let any waste into the environment. Leading groups like the Monterey Bay Aquarium list char as a good choice 
Download  Blue Ocean Institutes pocket guide for information on Char and other species
From southern waters we have Mexican black grouper, Costa Rican golden corvina, and Florida cobia.
Periwinkles are coming from Rhode Island, and shucked steamers aka "Ipswich" will be in by the gallon.
Northern species like cod, monk and skate continue to be coming in fresh and fancy.
Fluke is available 'sushi grade' so it would be an excellent choice for crudo or ceviche, and as plus it adds no heat to the kitchen.
Also available: Chilean Turbot, west and east coast Halibut, and Cape May dry sea scallops.  
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All the best,

Matthew Hovey
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