Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wild Edible Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
We are looking forward to the next few days with perfect weather, so we have some truly spectacular offerings for your Independence day weekend menus. We are featuring a lot of local domestic offerings that make us proud to be Americans.
American Red Snappers arrived this morning and they are as brightly colored as any firework you may see this weekend. These Snappers are available in sizes 2-4lbs and 4-6lbs today.  Smoked WHITE fish is available as whole fish 12-16 oz each and 100% usable meat in 5lb pails. Smoke whitefish is perfect for dips and spreads, and is a nice touch in a composed salad. Long Island BLUE fish are reasonably priced and the smaller ones we have called 'snapper' blues are rather mildly flavored and pair well we subtle sauces.
Alaska and Washington state always conjure up images of Americas rugged and independent western frontier and the Wild salmon we have bring to mind that same aesthetic. Wild King Salmon are from Washington State's coastal troll fishery, with incredibly fatty meat and a rich unmatched salmon flavor. Kings range in size from 11 to an incredible 40 lbs We also have Bristol Bay, Alaskan drift net sockeye. Sockeye are the sublimely flavored smaller cousin if the big king. Sockeyes average 4 lbs headed and gutted and are a great value right now. Both are Wild American Seafood at its Best.
From some select boats out of Martha's Vineyard we have dayboat Cod, Monk and Fluke. From out on the end of Long Island we can offer Blackfish aka Tautog, Golden Tile, Wolffish aka ocean cat, and Porgies.
Today is Canada day, so best wishes to our Northern Neighbors. They have great products as well and today you would be well served to load up on plump PEI mussels and any one of the great oyster varieties including; beau soleil, savage harbour, malpeque or kushi.
Large Spanish 4/5lb or Chilean 2/3lb Turbot are both in today. Turbot is a flatfish beyond compare and was once called the 'Emperors fish" by 1st century Roman poet Juvenal. Treat your customers to this royal fish.
"You can protect your liberties in this world only by protecting the other man's freedom.
You can be free only if I am free."
Clarence Darrow
Have a safe and happy 4th,
Matthew Hovey
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