Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
Lets talk a minute about Wreckfish. Wreckfish are also called stone bass, and they are caught in coastal Carolina waters in a well regulated fishery. These deep water grouper-like fish get their name by the tendency to congregate near shipwrecks. Wreckfish can attain weights of 100 lbs or more, most of the fish we offer will be between 15 and 25lbs. Wreckfish is a great sustainable option if you are looking for a firm flesh whitefish that is very similar to grouper.
We have a nice load of pelagic fish like Tuna, Swordfish, and Mako off of a local boat back from a short 3 day round trip. All are cutting out with glistening and firm meat. Cobia is from further south, and is a good choice for pan roasts and grilled offerings.
This summer's wild salmon season is in full swing. Today we are offering wild king salmon (11-18 lbs), wild sockeye (3-5 lbs), and wild coho salmon (4-8 lbs). On Monday we will have more of the silverbright salmon that are gaining a niche following. On Tuesday we expect to have the rare Nunavut wild char from the native Inuktitut people of Cambridge Bay, Canada. The season is brief as spring temperatures arrive to melt the ice in the freshwater lakes where char make their winter home. Give us a call if you would like any of this fish next week, and we can pencil you in. 
Halibut from Nova Scotia is here today these fish are rose collared, firm and have the bright smell of the ocean still with them. We love to open up big wood coffins from this captain because his fish are always spot on. Fish are graded 15-50 lbs.
Fresh frog legs are a rare treat. We only have a small amount of these fresh hoppers. First come first serve on these fresh from Florida wild product.

"Recipe writers hate to write about heat. They despise it. Because there aren't proper words for communicating what should be done with it."
~Alton Brown
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