Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
We bring you some great specialties from the seas today. First we will be getting in a shipment of Siberian sturgeon from Mote Aquaculture park. These big rich fish are great roasted or grilled, it is no wonder that New York sturgeon were called Albany Beef. Unfortunately new York sturgeon were overfished and are now a protected species. Farmed sturgeon is a good sustainable choice. Siberian sturgeon are raised in the preferred method of a closed loop water system and are fed to maximize feed conversion and minimize waste.
We have exceptionally nice wild fish from Alaska, Washington State and a very limited amount of Canadian, Nunavut wild Arctic char. Wild salmon options include Sockeyes from Bristol Bay, coho salmon from Vancouver Island, big king salmon from the Columbia River. We also have west coast halibut.
Now lets take a moment to talk about these wild char. This sustenance fishery is only in its third year of getting fish to market. Florence Fabricant of the New York Times raved about this fish last year. Eating this wild product is a truly unique experience. We love the sublime taste of farmed char, but these make them seem downright bland in comparison. Captured by the local indigenous population during two very short "seasons" the char are hand netted when they move from the protected lakes into the salty ocean when the ice briefly melts. It just doesn't get more sustainable than this.
The warmer waters of coastal central America are giving us corvina and escolar, both from Costa Rica. And Carolina golden tile has just arrived looking like a beautiful surreal painting of the fish they are. Tile fish are very firm and have bright clean red gills and clear eyes. The meat of tile is fine flaked, white and sweet. Very similar to Blackfish and hog snapper.
"Men are apt to prefer a prosperous error to an afflicted truth."
~Jeremy Taylor
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