Friday, December 18, 2009

Get ready for the weekend Chefs and Buyers,
First off, lets talk about cod. Day boat cod from Massachusetts is as good as it gets; these fish are firm, bright and extra fresh. We also have skate and monk from the same boats and it is just as nice as the cod. These boats know how to handle fish and it shows.
A little closer to home we had a short trip Jersey trapper come in with nice jumbo porgies (2-4lb) and "kitten'' tile fish (1-2lb). Both would be great for a whole fish special. Your customer will be pleased with the quality, and your food cost will benefit as well.
Just for fun we have some truly colorful parrot fish in the house. These will really make your fish display pop, and they taste good to boot. Parrot fish are a member of the wrasse family and feed on shellfish that imparts the same quality to their meat. Very limited quantity.
Our New Zealand flight arrived a day early and we have a limited amount of John Dory, and pink snappers.
Pink snappers (Pagrus auratus) also go by many other names including Tai snapper, and red pargo. Whatever you call it this white fleshed fish is pure delight.
Maine shrimp will likely not be available for the rest of the week because high winds have the fleet inshore. New York closed the striped bass fishery this week, but some Delaware fish showed up to compensate. Prices are still holding from yesterday on stripers so that is some good news.
Our featured oyster today is the Island Creek from Duxbury Mass. Rowan Jacobsen author of the The Oyster Guide has this to say. "The reigning kings of east coast oysters, Island Creeks have become the standard against which others are judged. Crisp, firm, and very briny." We have always liked Skip and his oysters too, try some today.

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