Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Chefs and Buyers,
I guess this is starting to sound like a broken record, but you really should already have your order in for New Years. Call us and secure your product. Very little "specials" will be left Thursday.
We have some really great selections today. Lets start in the north and work our way south today:
From Maine we have sweet and fresh Maine shrimp,pandalus borealis AND....you have to call and ask us about the very plump and full PEMAQUID MUSSEL.
From Martha's Vineyard we have the very well received Sweet Neck Farm Oyster. We have a 1000 in but they will sell out.
From Rhode Island we have beautiful blackfish and black sea bass both are firm and with clear eyes and bright red gills.
Wild striped bass is coming mostly out of Delaware. Fish are good sized (6-12lbs) but no monsters in this batch. Fish will be in good supply for New Years. A pretty safe choice along with cod and monk.
Local Silver Dory is available and has a very reasonable whole fish price. Fluke is still strong and the quality is good for sushi or crudo.
Back by popular demand our Mystic oysters from the NOANK coop. Meaty and briny this is one of the best Long Island Sound oysters out there.
From Florida we have rainbow hued Mahi-Mahi (they look like they just came out of the drink). Grouper and Red Snappers are around as well.
Moving to the West Coast and the Pacific we have bullet Sturgeon (head and tail off), Australian hiramasa, AND an almost endless variety of oysters from the sweet waters of our left coast.
We will be open every day this week except New Years Day.
"If you need a piece of equipment and don't buy it, you pay for it even though you don't have it"
-Henry Ford

Matthew Hovey matth@wildedibles.com
718-433-4321 ext.121 / fax 718-433-4616
"Hand picked specialties from the Seas"

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