Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Hi Chefs and Buyers,
Just a quick note concerning our Holiday schedule. We urge everyone to get your orders in early. We will be making deliveries as normal Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th (there will be limited late runs and we will be closing early) . We will be closed Friday the 25th Christmas day. We are open Saturday the 26th. The schedule for next week (New Years day closed) is similar.
Specials for delivery Wednesday include Nantucket bay scallops hand harvested and shipped directly to us from the cape. Fresh dayboat cod and large monk fish tails from Massachusetts. Green Christmas eels from Long Island are first come first serve and very limited coming in directly from a few 'old-timers' that still know how. We bought a box of nice 5-10lb blues from one of the eel guys, so that is a good local sustainable menu option.
Dory is sold out, but we do have cockles and green lip mussels both from New Zealand as well. Hiramasa is a sustainable farmed fish from Australia that is great as crudo or any number of prep methods.
We have Siberian sturgeon from our friends at the Mote Marine Research facility in Sarasota, Florida. http://seafoodshop.blogspot.com/2008/03/siberian-sturgeon.html
The sturgeon farm is a cutting edge facility designed to produce the highest quality fish in the most eco-conscious way available. We are able to offer this fish at a very attractive price. Sturgeon eats extremely well it has a steak like quality and a very high omega fat content. Let your creative juices flow.
If you have grown bored of salmon why not try something new? Here are two great options:
Arctic char is farmed in Iceland using the best practice in aqua culture of closed tanks. Char is rated as a sustainable fish by the Blue Ocean Institute. You can download a pocket guide here. http://seafoodshop.blogspot.com/2008/03/siberian-sturgeon.html
Another nice choice is our Irish Steelhead trout these fish are fat and cut out bright red with great "marbling" throughout. The same species as Tasmanian ocean trout at a much better price.
Also available a today are Florida pink dorade, local porgies, Loc Duart salmon, and mahi-mahi.
Kumomoto oysters are very popular every holiday season. This Japanese seed oyster is deep cupped and delicious. With cucumber and melon flavors followed by a sweet and mildly brine finish. Venus would approve.
Order early and order often,

Matthew Hovey matth@wildedibles.com
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