Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New York Seafood Update

Looking for something different? We have beautiful green lip mussels from New Zealand. These southern hemisphere bivalves dwarf their common cousins. With a high meat to shell ratio, a rich flavor profile that marries well with bold ingredients, and a colorful green shell they are the perfect seasonal special for your menu.
Chilean turbot is a perennial favorite during the holidays. And why not, this firm white meat fish is so versatile? Demand will be high during the next few weeks with many a caterer and chef featuring turbot on party and holiday menus. We have increased our orders by twofold from last year, but we would still appreciate a heads up if you have your menus in place. Another favorite this time of year is Dover sole. The ordering schedule for Dover sole is Thursdays for Monday, and Monday for Thursday. Give us a call and we can make sure that your Dover sole needs are met. We do try too have a few extra on hand just in case but truly appreciate your ordering ahead.
Tuna has begun to tighten up with the new moon on Wednesday. We should be fine with the higher grades(#1 and 2+), but do to limited quantities #2 tuna is creeping up, the better deal is 2+. Things should improve as we get closer to the new year.
We had such a demand for onaga last night that we arranged to get another shipment for tonight. Onaga snapper is a high yield red skinned fish that is sure to please. We get them in rigor with big clear eyes, and blood red gills. Only a few hundred more pounds will be available for the week.
From Chatham we are getting some truly phenomenal cod, and monk. The cod this morning was the nicest we have seen from this side of the Atlantic in weeks. Head off steaked cod are sized 8-15 lbs and cutting out extra firm, and with a super moist appearance.
Todays featured oyster is Kusshi, the Japanese word for precious. Selectively grown in the protected bay of Vancouver Island, British Columbia by Keith Reid they are grown in floating trays and tumbled to produce a petite and deep cupped jewel. Similar in size to the Kumomoto oyster the Kusshi is sure to be one of your new favorites.
Also available are rouget (2/3 per pound), sweet Maine shrimp, black sea bass, sturgeon, and shucked oysters.

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