Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's NY Market Report

Hello Chefs and Buyers,
We hope you had a great weekend. The fishermen in Florida certainly did. This morning we received a great mixed shipment of fish and shellfish from the sunshine state.

Starting off the list is mahi-mahi, the fish are weighing in around 12-15lbs headed and gutted and still showing off their iridescent yellow coloring that earned them the Spanish name dorado maveriko or 'golden maverick'. Speaking of Spanish, we also have sushi quality Spanish mackerel, these fish are around 2lbs each. Red grouper is available, these firm fish with the big white flake would make a great special if not already on your menu.

We have a very limited quantity of a very special fish called trigger fish, also from Florida. Trigger fish is a cousin of the blackfish (tautog), and hog snapper, and a member of the wrasse family. Like their cousins these fish feed on shellfish and crustaceans. This diet imparts a very sweet quality to the meat and combined with the fine white flake gives this fish a cult like following amongst those who know it. As a matter of fact it is usually only when there is an abundance in the catch that this fish makes it to market because they are mostly taken home by the fishermen and dock workers.

Shellfish from Florida has been strong too. Fresh shrimp tails are gorgeous and sized 16/20 per pound. Stone crab season is in full swing with medium sized claws (6/8 per pound) being the best value. We also get fresh octopus out of the same traps intended for stone crabs.
Weather was an issue for some areas this weekend, but we still managed to get some good sized stripers from our friends in Maryland, and a few smaller fish from Virginia for good measure. Things should be clearing up in the next day or so, and will have limited effect on northern ground fish catches.

Onaga is a favorite of ours and today's fish are no exception. Onago is also called longtail snapper, we like to call them baseball bats and these firm and in rigor fish from Honduras are certainly fitting of the moniker.

Our oyster pick for you today is Pipes Cove from Greenpoint (Long Island), NY. Darlene and her husband still personally deliver their briny and clean hand dug oysters to our warehouse to make sure they arrive safely. Get in on the love.
Stephen King
Best regards,

Matthew Hovey
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