Monday, December 28, 2009

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
Just a few days left in 2009. If you have not already secured your seafood menu for New Years give us a call. We always do our best to have what you may need, but why chance it?
The Monday after the Christmas holiday is generally pretty light on fish with most commercial fishermen spending time with family. This year high winds on the North Atlantic kept even more boats in. Prices on groundfish (cod, monk, etc.) are up as a result. We do however have a few special selections today that may interest you.
Imported John Dory are in very scarce supply, so our market buyer has secured a few boxes of local silver dory. These fish are priced substantially less than the New Zealand imports.
All of the following fish are sized in the sweet spot. The fish below all weigh between 2 and 5lbs each. The smaller ones are perfect for whole fish for two people and the larger ones yield nice portions and still retain the sweetness of the smaller fish. They are below in no particular order:
Blackfish also known as tautog, this member of the wrasse family feeds primarily on small invertebrates like clams, crabs, and barnacles. This diet lends its flavor to the tender white flaked meat of the blackfish resulting in an almost crab-like quality.
Golden tile fish from a brave Long Island boat are in house, in rigor, and with candy red gills. Limited quantity of these nice fish.
Onaga are from Florida are a great choice, and fresh enough to be used for crudo or ceviche. This fish is also called queen snapper and long tailed snapper.
We have jumbo black sea bass available even though they are pretty scarce now. The few we have are expensive, but if you have to have least you will be very happy with the quality.
Also available are red mullet (rouget), wild striped bass, sturgeon and hiramasa.
Our west coast shellfish arrive tonight and will include New Zealand Mussels, cockles, manila clams, and just to mention a few oysters like; Fanny Bays, Kumamoto, Marin Bay Triploid, Kusshi, Cortez Island, Malaspina, and Totten Inlet.
"Any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."
-John Steinbeck

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