Monday, March 29, 2010

Wild Edible Seafood Update

Good morning Chefs and Buyers,
Well it looks like once again the old adage of March coming in like lamb and out like a lion may hold true. Here comes another N'or Easter. Rain is in the forecast until the end of the month and April first gets warmer and dries out on Thursday. But rain did not stop good fish from getting in to us and we have a nice varied line up of product.
From a direct flight last night arrived Portuguese sardines, and fresh sepia (cuttlefish). The sepia are about 2 to 3 per lb, a good size to stuff or grill. Sardines are making it onto more and more menus these days. It is great to see the public finally embracing this delicious "bottom of the food chain" species, a great sustainable and green choice.
Wild stripe bass landings are moving to different areas with the majority of the fish from the Potomac River management area. Super nice fish from this small allotment tag area.
Florida boats brought us a mix of species; including pompano (1-2lbs), snapper (all sizes), red grouper (5-10lbs) and fresh 16/20 pink shrimp.
Corvina from Costa Rica, and Mahi from Panama round out the specials.
Shad roe looks to be on a brief hiatus as it moves up the coast, nothing available until further notice. The heavy rains may cause some shellfish closures in the short term, but we have plenty of product for Tuesday. Island creeks are in short supply, we hope to get our small allotment but at press we still had no confirmation. Pemaquid mussels are still plumping up in the shells, so we will not be bringing any until they are back to their former full and fleshy selves.
"A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King."
~Emily Dickenson
All the best,
Matthew Hovey
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