Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wild Edibles Seafood Update

Good day Chefs and Buyers,
This has got to be the best season for Virginia wild striped bass in years. We are getting new fish every day and they are spectacular. These Mid-Atlantic fish are big averaging 18 pounds with candy red gills and nice firm flesh. Local trap porgies are in today they are pristine and average 1-2lbs. We had a blowout on blowfish tails and so we have another 20lbs coming tonight. One chef said they were doing a take on osso buco, that sounds fun. What could you do? Pemaquid mussels were delayed a day and we will have them to ship Friday.
From Florida we just got in red grouper (5-10lbs), fancy snappers of all sizes, fresh shrimp, and medium stone crab claws. Mahi arrived this morning, still flush with yellow and gold reminding us why these dolphin fish are called dorado (gold) in Spanish.
Portuguese sardines have landed and we also have the local delicacy of shad roe from the sardines larger Atlantic cousin the American shad. If you can use some carp we have a few extra pounds from a special order we filled this morning, no reasonable offer refused.
Hailing from Australia but raised right here in the USA just north of Boston is barramundi. This nice little bass (1-1.25lbs) is great for whole fish presentation, clean tasting and a green choice according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Blue Ocean Institute. From Australia's neighbor green lipped mussels are in and ready to ship. New Zealand mussels dwarf blue mussels like P.E.I.'s and pair well with Asian inspired sauces.
The Nootka sound oyster is our featured west coast oyster today. Living in the remote inlets on the ocean facing side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia this beach cultivated Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas), is full in flavor with a flavor spectrum ranging from unctuous and briny to sweet and creamy. The pink and purple hued fluted shell opens to reveal the bright white meat and black mantle. This is the BC oyster that  is slowly becoming the darling of many an oyster bar.
Also available are Soft Shell Crayfish, Escoalr, halibut, hiramasa, King Clip, and Sturgeon.
"Without promotion something terrible happens... Nothing!"
~P.T. Barnum
Kind wishes,
Matthew Hovey
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